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Pet Obedience Programs


NOTICE: We are in the process of moving locations and are not accepting board & train clients at this time!

These programs are for everyday pet dogs who’s owners would like to have a bit more control of, and who are having some issues in every day life. Here at Mountain K9, we use a science-based approach to dog training that involves all areas of operant conditioning. This means your dog learns through positive reinforcement and is proofed with low pressure negative reinforcement. We are balanced trainers here at Mountain K9, meaning that we don’t believe a dog can truly learn using positive reinforcement, or negative reinforcement alone, but that they have to be combined to give the dog the whole picture.



This program gives your dog a foundation of our marker system (how we communicate with the dog), and teaches them several important basic skills. Sit, down, recall, place, and loose leash walking are all a part of this program. When your dog comes back to you, it will be able to perform all position cues (sit, down, place) with duration, and be able to recall from 30 feet away. Your dog will also walk on a loose leash by your side without dragging you down the street! Note: This is the ONLY program Mountain K9 offers that doesn’t involve the use of the ecollar.



This program begins with the Foothills Program, and adds a great deal! Ecollar conditioning* is added here so you have an off-leash reliable companion, as well as a long down not on a place. Dogs in our Treeline Program are also taught a polite greeting for strangers, so they don’t get the urge to jump up on everyone they meet!



This program combines the previous two programs, and goes above and beyond. This is our top pet obedience program! We cover all the bases in this program, on and off leash, sit, down, recall, place, and heeling, plus common behavior problems, such as barking, jumping up, and pulling on the leash.

*The electronic collar has received a bad name from bad training over the past several years. In the hands of a knowledgeable trainer, it is the BEST tool that adds the LEAST amount of pressure to the dog! Don’t let the stigma that bad
trainers have surrounded this training tool with turn you off to it!

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