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Mountain K9 Trainers




Kevin began seriously training dogs at the age of 8, when he joined the local 4H dog club. After winning grand champion obedience at the fair, he was hooked! Throughout his youth, Kevin was introduced to bird dogs, as well as sled dogs! He ran dog teams  in dry land endurance runs, and even did some mid distance racing with Siberian and Alaskan huskies.  After high school, Kevin earned his Bachelors degree in education and Masters in music, all while studying both human and canine learning theory extensively. During this time, he also got his first German shepherd and was introduced to the world of schutzhund (now IGP). Since then, Kevin has become heavily involved in protection sports, gun dogs, rescue dog rehabilitation, and has even started working with the local K9 Unit. Kevin is constantly striving to grow as a trainer and investing in his professional development, including taking seminars from Deb Zappia, Tyler Muto, Zoltan Nagy, Arnold Kivago, and more!

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