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NOTICE: We are in the process of moving  locations and are not currently accepting board & train clients!

These programs are for gun dogs coming in as a blank slate, so to speak. Dogs that come into this program should have none, or a little bit of bird work, and none, or a little bit of obedience work. The dog should have no major issues to work through, just the starting process for obedience and bird work.



This program develops the instincts of the pointing dog. We work in the bird field on developing an efficient search pattern, getting a staunch point, and developing the natural retrieve.* In the yard we will work on the foundations of marker training, the sit, whoa, and recall, gunfire conditioning, and ecollar conditioning. This program will get you a dog that is well started, and you will be able to hunt and take birds over your dog.


This program encompasses the Foothills Program, adds the trained retrieve, and steady to shot to make sure your dog has a reliable retrieve to hand every time, and will not break until they hear a shot.  We will also work to get your dog honoring another dog on point.  This program will get you a dog that will hunt well, hunt dead, honor on point, make reliable retrieves in the field, and stay steady for the shot.




This program encompasses the previous two programs, and adds the detail work of finishing. After we start the dog on birds and obedience, and work the dog through the retrieve, we go on in the Summit Program to add stop to flush, steadiness to wing, shot and fall, and honoring a retrieve in the bird field. In the yard we take the obedience to the next level, teaching the dog to turn to the whistle or tone, heel on and off leash, and a rock solid whoa and sit. This program gets you a dog that is polished for anything, be it trial or hunt test.

*Water work/duck search in the retrieve can be added to the Treeline or Summit program for an additional $375.

*Here at Mountain K9, we teach ALL pointing dogs to sit. This is the easiest, and clearest way to teach a whoa. Contrary to traditional belief, a pointing dog that sits on point is not a product of teaching a sit, but a product of too much pressure

used to teach a whoa. A dog’s natural first reaction to too much pressure in learning is to sit, no matter what we are trying to teach.

*We will always do our best to bring out a dog’s natural retrieve, but some dogs just don’t have that instinct strong enough to develop a natural retrieve strong enough for the field, so whether we get this aspect of the foothills program or not, depends on the genetics and personality of the individual dog.

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