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NOTICE: We are in the process of moving locations and are not accepting board & train clients at this time!

These programs are designed for gun dogs who have problems with the ecollar, the gun shot, or birds. Many people write these dogs off as “unfixable” and send them off to a shelter. Here at Mountain K9, we love the opportunity to work with, and solve these problems. Kevin is a trainer who has a deep understanding of canine learning theory, and can usually find the cause of these problems, and develop a plan to fix them based on the individual dog. If you have ever heard that fixing one of these issues is impossible, or nearly impossible, give us a call before you give up on the dog! Kevin has a 100% successful record of fixing collarshy, gunshy, and birdshy problems using his method of training the individual dog in the way best suited to it. Fixing these issues is something that Kevin loves to do.

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This program is for the dog that has problems with the ecollar. If your dog is collarshy, we can help it through science-based principles that will teach the dog the ecollar is a good thing, and why it’s a good thing. By the end of the program you will have a dog that has a complete understanding of the collar, and what it means. Animals are not afraid of what they understand.



This program is for the dog that is gunshy.  Our highly successful gunshy  fix training will get your dog back into the field and under the gun for hunting, testing, or trialing!




This program is for the dog that is blinking every bird it comes to, or is just plain scared of birds, for whatever reason. By the end of the program, your dog will be ready to find and point birds, as it was meant to do!



This program is for the dog that has all three of the above listed problems.  It will take time, but here at Mountain K9, we can work through these issues, using our science-based methodology, and fix them for you and your canine hunting buddy!  

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Have another problem?


If there is another problem that you and your dog are experiencing, let us know! We will work with you to design a program that fits you and your dog!

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