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Mountain K9 Dog Training


 Mountain K9 takes the best techniques of competition obedience training, protection sports, gun dog training, and plenty of scientific research on canine learning theory to develop the very best training system for any dog out there! We prescribe to the thought of training the dog in front of us, instead of trying to mold a dog into a set training program. We teach everything in positive reinforcement until a dog is sure of what we are asking, then add aversives to proof the behavior, getting you a dog that is motivated and happy to train! This system works wonderfully for gun dogs, sport dogs, pet dogs, and is fun for both the dog and the trainer.
We believe that a dog should be trained with the least amount of pressure, and in the most motivational way possible, and adhere to this theory through all of our training programs. If you want a dog that enjoys working, and is motivated to do a great job, Mountain K9 is the place to come.




Heidi is a showline German shepherd dog, bred by Drache Feld German shepherds in Winchester, Kentucky. At this point, she has earned her BH, and is working toward her IGP 1. She also holds her SG rating, working toward a V, and then VA show rating in SV style shows. She also will be continuing her role as Felicia’s perfect companion, and main guardian of the Mountain K9 property.



Cash is a working line German shepherd, also bred by Drache Feld German shepherds. He has earned his IGP 1, and is working toward IGP 2! He is the dog that has shown us what the work ethic in a true working line dog should look like. He lives to work, and to strengthen his bond with Kevin.



Daisy is a Llewellin setter. Her father is one of the best grouse dogs Kevin has hunted over, but Daisy is right on his heels. She has already passed her NAVHDA NA test, and will be working toward AKC Senior Hunter, Master Hunter, and NAVHDA UPT and Utility as well. She has proven herself in the field on wild grouse, woodcock, pheasant, and bobwhite quail. We hope to get her on many more species of wild birds in the coming years as well!


Trooper is an American Brittany and the newest member of the Mountain K9 family.  After a very rough start and beating parvovirus at only 8 weeks old, he definitely earned his name! He passed his NAVHDA NA test with flying colors and will be working toward more titles soon!

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